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Welcome to LuckyLucky Tigers where Tigers represent fortune and 12 zodiac signs belong to a certain element and their power. As collectors of LuckyLucky Tigers, you can enjoy extra benefits and the warmth of a friendly community. If you’d like to collect your fortune in the Metaverse, join our club now! This collection was made possible with LuckyLucky Club.

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About Us

It all started when a well-established online marketing agency decided to turn into an NFT agency with the inspiration of the new digital world coming to life. Our team consists of marketing specialists, finance experts, tech specialists. Love of engaging in the newest trends brought us together with this project. All greatly interested in NFTs and their lore. They combined their powers to bring this collection to life.

 Our inspiration came when we realized that every country does not have the same advantage in this new growing digital world because of language and geo/cultural barriers. We thought that the well-known Lunar Year is a good theme to integrate different cultures in this new world.


The world’s first 12-part collectible NFT project that celebrates Eastern culture.


Stage 1: Community Building

Our collection sets its sight on the appreciation of Eastern culture, using their biggest celebration: Lunar New Year. We want to use that fact to develop our community, generating a following of people that share our appreciation for Eastern culture and NFTs.
Using social media platforms like Twitter and Discord, we hope to nurture our following, and offer rewards to those that are enthusiastic about our mission, and share our core values.


Stage 2: Celebration Sale

In order to give back in the early stages of development, we’ll be offering early birds, people that has been following and supporting us from the start, the chance to mint an NFT early and at a reduced price.
The Lunar Year Celebration Sale will be held on 2/1 0:00 UTC+8. Early birds will be able to mint an NFT between these times at 0.02 ETH.


Stage 3: Public Sale

After rewarding our early supporters, we’ll be giving everybody the chance to mint one of our NFTs. Public mint price will be 0.068 ETH.
NFT reveal will happen instantly, and holders will be able to see the variation and rarity of their NFT as soon as they receive it.


Stage 4: Utility and Future

We pride ourselves on being a collectible NFT project, with sights on offering an entire selection of NFT collections. However, we still hope to offer utility for each individual NFT that is created.
Minting a Year of the Tiger NFT will grant holders exclusive access to our community. This community will focus on celebrating Eastern culture in a number of ways. We’ll host events and celebrations in our Discord channel, and reward contributors in as many ways as possible.
Once our first collection finds success, we’ll be releasing a full range of 12 Zodiacs, as well as a secret 13th Zodiac. These will be launched year-by-year to represent the current Lunar year, meaning that the next collection will be the Year of the Rabbit.
We want to reward our dedicated collectors, so we’ll be offering unique NFTs to those that hold an NFT from each of our 13 collections. We’ve built a project that is dedicated to the appreciation of Eastern culture - if that’s something you’d like to get involved with, we’d love to have you.
LuckyLucky is all about giving back to communities, the majority of everything from minting funds received to royalty/ commission will be funneled back to the holders. It will be strategically planned as a continuous operation that is self-sustainable and gives back to holders indefinitely.
Additional utilities that reveals as milestones are reached are:

Early Bird Sales

80% - Unlocks one winner of 50x mint price (1 ETH)!

100% - Unlocks one winner of 100x mint price (2 ETH) and 20 winners of 10x mint price (0.2 ETH)!

Public Sales

10% - We will donate one NFT to a charity of the current holders choice.

20% - First 88 Collectors from Public Sales will receive additional NFT airdropped.

50% - Unlocks 20 winner of 10x mint price (0.68 ETH)!

75% - We open our LuckyLucky Merch Store. From pins to shirts will be waiting for you. We will have a workshop to make you custom designed costumes.

80% - Unlocks one winner of 50x mint price (3.4 ETH)!

100% - A grand giveaway for our community. A big prize of 100x mint price (6.8 ETH) will unlock!

%100+ - The rabbit year. Next Lunar year is rabbit year and we will create LuckyLucky Rabbit themed collection next year. LuckyLucky Tiger holders will be eligible to join the whitelist of next projects.

LuckyLucky Merch Store

LuckyLucky Merch store: Hold on! LuckyLucky mechs are coming. From tees to pins and lucky statues are waiting for you. There will be a limited edition Lucky Statues don't miss your chance to grab one. We will send fortune messages with merchandise items. Each message has a chance to win 1ETH at the end of every Month.


CEO, Founder. Expert of everything that’s not technical.

Wayne is a serial entrepreneur, and has professional backgrounds in finance, tech, and marketing. He used to have hubbies, but now he has two kids, and he became their hubby. Wayne is a confirmed case of shiny new toy syndrome.

Zodiac Sign Expert, Finance and Accounting expert, Co-founder

WJ is the boss of Wayne and rules over the LuckyLucky Land.

Nft Collector, Fortune Seeker, Co-founder, Selt taught website & smart contract developer.

Shannon has been founding companies with Wayne since 2017, and is the main victom of Wayne’s SNTS. Shannon is responsible for everything that Wayne doesn’t want to do.

Digital Artist, Veteran digital marketer, Actual Tiger.
Writer, Digital Art Analyzer, Researcher.
PR, global marketing, cultural bridge.


- LuckyLucky Tiger is a carefully crafted NFT project with digital arts which have hand drawn traits and are generated by algorithm. They are waiting for their lucky holders.

- Each LuckyLucky Tiger cost 0.068 + (gas)
- 0.02 ETH for early birds 

- Early Birds Sales during 2/1 0:00~2/5 23:59 UTC+8
- Public sales date to be announced
- Limited to 12 NFT per wallet

- We love animals and nature. We will drop NFTs to charity organizations. Also, we will spend our fund from royalties to charity organizations and of course you dear LuckyLucky community.

- Of course. We care for our community, and you are our priority. We will organize raffles and profit claims regularly. Fund from royalties will be spent for community and charities.

- Please follow this guide

- Check what your sign is by using the calculator on this website

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